Singer Songwriter & Recording artist

We know Calidora’s name from Zoli Vékony aka Vekonyz’s track „In My Mind”. This record won the Viva Channel Golden Triangulum award and was nominated for Fonogram Award in the category of „The best Hungarian Electronic Song of the Year” in 2016.
Behind the artist name Calidora, stands Dóri Oberritter, who has been playing the guitar, the piano and singing since her childhood. At the age of 15 she started writing her own songs, she has always lived the things happening around her through music. Her goal is to touch people and to make them find themselves in her feelings, memories that she expresses through her songs.
Magneoton contracted her in 2016. Her first song relased was called „Én már nem” – which is a fresh, tender pop record mixing the tropical house and acoustic sound, written by Dóri.
In November, 2016 the well-known rock band Tankcsapda released their double cover album, on one of them today’s top performers cover one of the band’s songs. On this album there’s a very special song driving us to the world of acoustic-house. The idea to cover a Tankcsapda song was Lotfi Begi’s, one of the most popular DJs/ producers of Hungary, and Calidora found the most matching song for herself playing the guitar. Dóri’s wonderful voice and the music production of Lotfi Begi was again of top quality for the cover song „Azt mondom állj”.
The singer was one of those 30 performers who made it to the Top 30 artists of ’A Dal 2017’ with her own song „Glory” revealing all her fears through the lyrics. The TV performance made her get under way and she started playing more and more live acoustic concerts together with her talented guitarist. In June, 2017 she released her single „Újrafestem” about the complications of love and a fresh new start, and its music video has gained more than 150.000 views so far. After proving her music editing skills on Petőfi TV’s beloved series ’Holnap tali’, fall of 2017, she attended the first internationally organised SongBook SongWriting camp, spending 4 wonderful days amongst some Hungarian songwriters and received invitations from international songwriters as well. One of her most successful co-writing productions this year was Freddie’s song „Csodák” that made it to the national charts’ top position.
On March 8th, Women’s Day, the next single „Elég volt” was released accompanied by a realistic lyric video. The song marks and end to a difficult period of life and also a brand new start. The recently trending #metoo campaign proves that the dark-pop song’s lyrics is very actual and important to be represented in the Hungarian music scene.